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Abraham De La Torre

Who am I and what do I do?

Simply put.. I’am a US based fine artist located in San Antonio, Texas. Painter, mentalist, wood worker, digital artist and inventor. I'm retired from the construction business as a professional and business owner. Now I put fourth all my talents to new projects and live life by my own rules.. One day at a time. My artistic skills range from painting, sculpture, medalists, stain glass and digital sound & graphic (art/design). Fusing old-school with modern applications served on a fresh design.


Abraham De La Torre considers his talent a Natural-given gift, one he has enjoyed working hard to expand and enlarge. Primarily self-taught, Abraham has also studied with several accomplished well-known artists on technique, design, color and methods of drawing and painting. Since the late '80s, his works have been shown infrequently in one-person and group exhibitions in alternative spaces in San Antonio, and more often in private showings for buyers and friends. As a personal passion, he has in the past donated his creations to charity and fund raising events, which he continues to do today.

He currently lives and works in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Artist Statement

All my life, I have been in love with art and the creative process. As a child, I was drawn into the beauty found in everyday objects- From wildlife to the landscapes they live on, the sparkle of morning dew on a leaf and the subtleties of the human form. It is my intent to create emotion in my design and composition with the anticipation of providing an element of surprise and interest. Read more

Whether your a buying collector, visitor or admirer I hope enjoy my work and please visit again for any new updates.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.